Kira Neumann  |  Artist
Vancouver Island | Canada

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Stunning work!
Michael - 20 Jun 2015
Still waiting for a show on the mainland. You're really growing as an artist, Kira.
Maureen - 22 Jun 2012
Your paintings are BEAUTIFUL! I love them!!
Janette Cormier - 1 Dec 2010
FINALLY got to sit down and thoroughly enjoy your new website Kira, what a beautiful gift:) You're truly following your star and emerging as a respected and very talented artist. I love ALL your work and can hardly wait to see what erupts next! Paint on & Shine on Kira, you're living your dream:) Janet
Janet Bogstad - 16 Jul 2010
LOved your paintings, Kira, thanks for sharing. I am amazed at your use of colour and feelings it brings out. I look at the kelp from my kayak and relate back to your painting. I hope to see them in person one day.Your painting looks better than the reall thing. Love, June
June Christie - 13 Jul 2010
Hi Kira! your site looks wonderful! congrats! Keep up the beautiful work.. i look foward to getting your emails:>
April Lacheur - 13 Jul 2010
Not only beautiful, but sentitive and shocking. That´s art! Go on! It´s a pity I can´t see them directly here in Madrid.
Rosa - 12 Jul 2010
Amazing pieces, Kira. I stand in awe of your many talents. You truly are gifted and blessed with a creative insight that should be the envy of many. Get that work out there and it will sell!
Gord - 8 Jul 2010
Kira, beautiful work; I'm so glad you're sharing it with the world. I have one of Gillian's paintings on the wall in my bedroom and I'd love to add one (or more) of yours. Is there any chance of a show on the mainland?
Maureen Powell - 7 Jul 2010
I'm very impressed with the scope and texture of your artwork Kira. It's truly beautiful and an amazing expression of who you are. Perhaps this is a time in your life to reflect upon exploring your wonderful talent and creativity and get painting seriously. It made me want to dig out my paints & brushes again and join you. :-) Lindy
Lindy Berkowitz - 6 Jul 2010
I love the crow painting!
Maureen - 6 Jul 2010
WOW. There are a few pieces here that I would love to see hanging on MY wall! I too LOVE the arts and have always drawn, doodled, and painted but now enjoy my new love of paper art! I think to follow ones heart is the secret of life! Congrats on listening to your heart! BEST of luck, clearly you will do well!
Diane Baldwin - 6 Jul 2010
Kira, how wonderful to see the beauty of your art as a collection for all the world to enjoy! We wish you all the success in the world! Rob & Jo-Ann Wilson
Jo-Ann Wilson - 6 Jul 2010
Kira, I love what I have seen of your art . Would love to see it all !You certainly have " the gift ".
doffie reed - 6 Jul 2010
Nice work Kira, & thanks for sharing with us. See you soon.
Steve & Dawn - 6 Jul 2010
Congratulations, Kira, on the creation of new your website! It is great to see your work all together like this....and to see all the connections. Love the textures and colours! Keep on painting and creating!!
Lisa Kirk - 6 Jul 2010
Your eye for color, form and balance is outstanding Kira. I knew you were talented (in many areas) but I am really blown away by the beauty I see in your art.
Sonja Turnbull - 6 Jul 2010
Great work Kira! I will look forward to a chance to see it in person.
Martha - 6 Jul 2010
WOW, Kira! Great site and wonderful art. You are a woman of many talents... all the best!
Carol Smith - 6 Jul 2010
wow kira!!! you have been busy!!! these are really beautiful and original. don't stop! lucy
lucy schappy - 6 Jul 2010
Kira,I'm delighted to see that you are taking your fantastic art work to the next level and sharing it with the world.Happy creating...
Britta - 6 Jul 2010
Kira, I'm so impressed with your work! You have so much talent... looking forward to seeing all that is still to come!
Jennifer Weber - 5 Jul 2010
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